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2162 FM2187, Sealy, Texas 77474
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In Business 27 Years!
1650+ Auctions Conducted!
No Commission, No PO Fee, No Lot Charge on Rolling Stock!
No Commission on Gold, Silver or Platinum Coins or Bullion!
We Welcome You! as a Buyer or Seller!
Auction House 979.885.2831
Rod & Lisa's Home 979.256-1901
Rod's Cell 979.661.1948
"The Sound That Sells"
Rod Hradil TX #9397
12% BP, Preview 8am sale day
you have reached a wholesale antique auction located 1/2 an hour west of Houston, Texas. We conduct auctions once a month on Sundays at 10:00am. Hradil Auction Co. has been in business 27 years right here in Austin County, Texas. We have seen them come and go over the years, we will be here in the morning. Our building is 12,000 square feet and climate controlled.  The Auctioneer sells at a rapid pace selling 100 - 120 lots per hour. 90% of our patrons are dealers, auctioneers and decorators, however we do welcome the retail customer. If you cannot make money buying from us, get another hobby. We offer free delivery in a 100 mile radius with $5000 in purchases. We specialize in complete household liquidation for those moving, retiring or settling an estate. We accept consignments: 20% commission if you haul, 50% commission if we haul, No trash, $2.00 minimum commission per lot. Delivery Fee is $2.50 a loaded mile with a $125 minimum.
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Join Us  on for a  marketplace for Graded Gold, Silver, Platinum, Graded Coins (NGC, PCGS), Type Coins, Sports Cards, Comics (Silver & Golden Age), Estate Smalls, Hand Tied Persian Carpets, Autographed Memorabilia (100% money back guaranteed, No Fakes) & More. Always Selling  in a Timely Fashion. Everybody has the same opportunity to bid - No Sniping! Join The Fun! I do not look at Pre-Bids! 
Discount Real Estate Agent
Accepting Real Estate Listings
Residential, Commercial, Land & Lots, Farm & Ranch
Rod Hradil salesperson license # TX 636765
Mission Real Estate Group, Broker # 586510
Commission Schedule: Sales Price Under $100K = 4% (Buyer's Agent 2%) *
                                     Sales Price Over $100K = 3% (Buyer's Agent 1.5%) *
* $99 Contract Fee when real estate sells

Buyer's Agent: Let me Represent you from First Showing Forward and Receive 1% of Purchase Price in Cash, Gold, Silver or Platinum Bullion. On a $200K home take $2K and buy some furniture or use it for upgrades!

Serving Sealy, Bellville, Wallis, New Ulm, Industry, Catspring, Brookshire, Pattison, Frydek, San Felipe. Full Service Agent. Why in the world would you pay Double the Commission? Give the other 3% to your favorite charity! Never Pay 6% Again!
1/2 Price Real Estate Agent
$200K home: your agent's commission $12K, my commission $6K, you just saved $6K!
$400K ranch: your agent's commission $24K, my commission $12K, you just saved $12K!
$600K commercial property: you agent's $36K, my commission $18K, you just saved $18K!

Selling with Honesty & Integrity for 27 Years
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Federal Firearms License #
Important Estate from The Woodlands, Texas
Sunday, August 3rd 9:00am
2162 FM2187 Road, Sealy, Texas 77474
make plans to attend! Everyone Welcome! Super Estate!
Multiple Estates from The Woodlands, League City & More! Expecting 75+ Firearms incl. NEW IN BOX
Huge Auction!

Nice Selection of GOLD Pre-1933 $20 Double Eagles, Pre-1965 U.S. Silver Coins, New in Box & Used Firearms, Tools, Art Work, Pottery, Housewares, Home Décor, Old Books, Antique Furniture & Modern Furniture, M. I. Hummel Figurines, Hand Tied Oriental Rugs, Sports Cards, Old Baseball Bats, New Sports Shoes, Costume Jewelry, Glassware, Huge Auction! Guns Sell at 1:00pm

New in Box Firearms Auction!

Sunday, August 3rd 1:00pm
Revolvers: Chiappa, Armscor, EAA, Heritage, Ruger, Traditions
Semi-Automatic Pistols: American Classic, Armscor, Bersa, Canik, Ci-Zastava, German Sport, Glock, Hi-Point, KAHR Arms, Chiappa, Ruger, Smith & Wesson, Springfield, Walther, Sig Sauer.
Tactical Rifles: Mossberg, Ruger, DPMS, Colt-Walther, Bushmaster
Lever Action Rifles: Marlin, Mossberg, Rossi, Henry

Plus a nice selection of used shotguns, revolvers, pistols & rifles.

Expecting 75+ Firearms + some ammo!

#        Manufacturer        Model        Serial #        Type    Cal/Ga.   
122b        F&W                Top Break        245590        RV    .38
130b        Chiappa    (NIB)        1873SAA        13M31980        RV    .22LR
132b        Chiappa    (NIB)        1873SAA        13M32240        RV    .22LR
133b        Cobra            C25BP        090525        DER    .25
134r        Hopkins & Allen        Forehand        14437            S    12g
135r        Excel                Single Shot        45159E        S    12g
136b        Colt                SAA            NRA3465        RV    .45 Colt
137b        Uberti Cimmaron     (NIB)Richards Mason    X02207        RV    .44 Colt
138b        American Arms(NIB)    Regulator        131841        RV    .44-40
139b        EMF    (NIB)            Outlaw SA        18871            RV    .44-40
142b        H&H                Frontier        997            DER    .22L
143b        FIE                Titan            B62142        P    .25
145b        Bernardelli Gardone    60            65755            P    7.65mm
147b        Hi Point            CF380        P833026        P    .380
149r        Bersa                Lusber84        33844            P    7.65mm
155b        Iver Johnson        Single Shot        89468            S    12g
156b        Baikal            IJ18            A10207        S    12g
157b        FEG                Hammerless    34217U        S    12g
158r        H&R                Pardner SB-1    HS222520        S    12g
159n        H&R Arms            M1 Garand        472773        R    .30
160n        Iver Johnson        Champion        NVSN        S    12g
161n        Universal            M1 Carbine    321711        R    .30
164n        Hi-Point            CF380        P780159        P    .380acp
166n        Remington            XP100        B7521302        P    .223
167n        Browning            Citori        09167RRJ53    S    12g
168n        Winchester            101            201434        S    20g
169n        Winchester            23            011728        S    12g
172r        Vetterli Swiss        MW56CL        90056            R    .41rf
173n        Winchester            1400 MKII        408335        S    12g
174n        Fox                B            NVSN        S    12g
175r        Hi Point            C-9            P1216986        P    9mm Luger
176r        Cobra            FS380        FS005733        P    .380
177r        Cobra            FS380        FS022428        P    .380
178r        Cobra            FS380        FS005065        P    .380
179r        Davis                P380            AP228462        P    .380
180r        Davis                P380            AP461485        P    .380
181r        Davis             P32            P020460        P    .32
182r        EAA     (NIB)        Windicator        1707337        RV    .357MAG
183r        Walther (NIB)        P-22            WA018399        P    .22LR
184r        Kahr Arms (NIB)        CW-40        FG1010        P    .40 S&W
185r        Kahr Arms (NIB)        CW-45        SF5616        P    .45ACP
186r        Kahr Arms (NIB)        CW-9            EK4849        P    9mm
187r        Bushmaster (NIB)    CM15 ORC    BK3008045        R    .223
188r        Bushmaster (NIB)    Carbon 22        BK3025972        R    .22LR
189r        Mossberg  (NIB)        715T            EME3756977    R    .22LR
190r        Mossberg (NIB)        715T            EME3757052    R    .22LR
191r        Heritage (NIB)        G22B6        I79730        RV    .22LR
192r        Canik (NIB)        55 Shark        13G00371        P    9mm
193r        Rock Island Armory (NIB) M1911-A-1    RIA1574181    P    9mm
194r        Smith & Wesson (NIB)    SD40VE        HFT1343        P    .40 S&W
195r        Rock Island Arm. (NIB) M206        RIA1617275    RV    .38sp
196r        Rock Island Arm. (NIB) M206        RIA1617276    RV    .38sp
197r        Traditions    (NIB)        1873SAA        E42021        RV    .45LC
198r        German Sport (NIB)    1911            A552014        P    .22LR
199r        Kahr Arms    (NIB)        CW45        SG2770        P    .45ACP
200r        Kahr Arms (NIB)        CT45            AKA2982        P    .45ACP
201r        Ruger (NIB)        Blackhawk        38-38220        RV    .357MAG
202r        Ruger (NIB)        Super Blackhawk    88-65515        RV    .44MAG
203r        Chiappa (NIB)        1873-22        13N40606        RV    .22LR
204r        Chiappa (NIB)        1911-22        13L28968        P    .22LR
205r        Chiappa (NIB)        1911-22        13N38435        P    .22LR
206r        Chiappa (NIB)        M9-22        13E71965        P    .22LR
207r        Ruger (NIB)        9E            335-40347        P    9mm Luger
208r        Hi-Point (NIB)        45G            X4263365        P    .45acp
209r        Ci Zastava     (NIB)        CZ999        CZ999-000633    P    9mm
210r        Ci Zastava  (NIB)        M88A        M88A-03665    P    9mm Luger
211r        Ci Zastava (NIB)        M70A        ZM70A-0000087    P    9mm Luger
212r        Marlin (NIB)        336W            MR89380D        R    .30-30
213r        Marlin (NIB)        336W            MR00748E        R    .30-30
214r        Rossi    (NIB)            M92            5GY117189        R    .45LC
215r        Rossi (NIB)            M92            5HO150809        R    .44MAG
216r        Ruger (NIB)        1022RBDFS    828-62933        R    .22LR
217r        Ruger (NIB)        Blackhawk 455    38-36419        RV    .45LC
218r        Ruger (NIB)        P512MKIII        274-59680        P    .22LR
219r        Ruger (NIB)        3728 LCP-TL    371245328        P    .380ACP
220r        Ruger (NIB)        3728 LCP-TL    371243247        P    .380ACP
221r        Bersa (NIB)        Thunder 380DT    E60025        P    .380ACP
222r        Bersa (NIB)    Thunder 380NKLT    E55776        P    .380ACP
223r        American Classic (NIB)    AC45G2        A13-04411        P    .45ACP
224r        Glock (NIB)        36            XDT773        P    .45ACP
225r        Springfield Armory (NIB) XD-40        XD342983        P    .40 S&W
226r        Walther (NIB)        PPX-M1        FAS0424        P    .40 S&W
227r        Kahr Arms (NIB)        TP-9            EP0585        P    9mm
228r        Walther (NIB)        P-22            WA018035        P    .22LR
229r        Walther (NIB)        P-22            WA018039        P    .22LR
230r        Walther (NIB)        P-22            WA018034        P    .22LR
231r        Walther (NIB)        P-22            WA018038        P    .22LR
232r        Walther (NIB)        P-22            WA090087        P    .22LR
233r        Walther (NIB)        P-22            WA041395        P    .22LR
234r        Sig Sauer (NIB)        1911            54B042506        P    .45ACP
235r        Sig Sauer (NIB)        1911            54B044787        P    .45ACP
236r        Sig Sauer (NIB)        1911-22        T164628        P    .22LR

1.    Bob Lilly Signed Cowboys Jersey    JSA#W585247            $60
2.    (4) Houston Oilers Sgned Jerseys all JSA (Earl Campbell, Ernest Givens,
    Haywood Jeffries  & Curtis Duncan, Nice Collection             $190
3.    (10) Ten 90% Silver Mercury Dimes                       $10
4.    (50) Fifty 90% Silver Roosevelt Dimes                      $50
5.    (40) Forty 90% Silver Quarters (1950’s - 1964)                  $120
6.    (20) Twenty 90% Silver Quarters (1940’s)                       $60
7.    (20) Twenty 40% Silver Kennedy ½ Dollars (1965-1969)           $50
8.    (20) Twenty 40% Silver Kennedy ½ Dollars (1965-1969)           $50

12% Buyer’s Premium on All Purchases, 2% Discount for Bank Wire or Cash.
Rod Hradil #9397

Texas Advertising & Breweriana Club
Swap Meet - Come to Buy and Sell!
Saturday, August 16th 2014
8am - 2pm
2162 FM2187 Road
Sealy, Texas 77474
for more info contact Richard Engelbrecht 281-740-9618